Information for developers

Getting your product assessed and published on the NHS Apps Library will increase its exposure and provide reassurance to users and commissioners that it has met the required standards.

Benefits of featuring on the Apps Library

  • your product will reach the wider NHS community, helping to increase uptake and making it more appealing to commissioners
  • it’s the only place to find every app and digital tool that has been assessed to NHS standards
  • the number of visits to the Apps Library has tripled since the start of 2018 and currently stand at around 20,000 visits per month
  • visits to the Apps Library have a 15% click-through rate to the App Stores
  • links to the Apps Library feature on conditions pages across the NHS website, which receives over 60 million visits a month

Things we are working on:

  • designing a badge to help all NHS assessed products standout in the digital health marketplace
  • an API that will make NHS assessed products accessible via healthcare systems and the NHS App
  • providing details of products currently under assessment to help prevent duplication
  • making contact details of developers who have successfully completed our assessment available to commissioners looking for digital health solutions
  • adding products assessed to NHS standards to health and social care procurement frameworks

How we assess

Our Digital Assessment Questions make sure only safe and secure apps and digital tools are published on the Apps Library. Find out more about the assessment process here.

How the assessment process works

These are the steps for getting your product published in the Apps Library:

Step 1: Find out if your product is eligible

Your product must meet the following criteria to be considered for publication on the Apps Library:

  • your product is already available to the public in the App Stores or by other means
  • you can be contacted directly by users of your product
  • your product doesn’t use any form of NHS branding unless permitted to do so
  • if your product connects to any NHS services, you must have evidence that a proper interoperability review has been undertaken
  • your product must be registered and have the relevant certification if it is a medical device
  • your product must be registered with the General Pharmaceutical Council if it provides a pharmacy service
  • if your product requires registered healthcare professionals to operate it, you must provide their registration status and names
  • you are registered with the Care Quality Commission if required
  • you can provide a guest login for use by those assessing your product
  • your organisation is registered as one of the following:

    Eligible types of organisation
    • Public Limited Company (Plc)
    • Private Company Limited By Shares (Ltd)
    • Company Limited By Guarantee
    • Unlimited Company (Unltd)
    • Limited Liability Partnership (Llp)
    • Community Interest Company
    • Industrial and Provident Society (Ips)
    • Royal Charter
    • Public Body
    • Charitable Organisation

If you feel your product is eligible for assessment, you can begin the submission process using the link at the bottom of this page.

Step 2: Register your details

If your product is found to be eligible for assessment, you will be invited to set up an account on our Digital Assessment Portal (DAP). You will then need to:

  • register your company details
  • register your product details

This information will be reviewed by NHS Digital and any further information required will be requested. You will then be assigned an assessor who will work with you to complete the final stage of the process, the technical assessment of your product.

Step 3: Answer our Digital Assessment Questions

This is the technical assessment of your product which examines how it performs in areas such as clinical safety, security and usability. You can find out more information about our Digital Assessment Questions here.

Technical assessment diagram

  • the number of questions you will be required to answer depends on the complexity of your product. For more basic apps, you will need to answer approximately 60 questions. More complex apps may require up to 180 additional questions to be answered
  • you will be supported throughout the technical assessment by an assessor who will review your answers and offer advice on how to bring your product up to standard if required
  • you will be sent our developer legal agreement to sign which outlines your ongoing responsibilities
Step 4: Get published on the Apps Library

Once your assessor has informed you that your product has successfully completed the technical assessment, your product will be published on the Apps Library. This means:

  • you will need to let us know when any significant updates are made to your product that may require it to be reassessed
  • we will inform you of any changes to the Digital Assessment Questions that will require your product to be reassessed for it to remain on the library. We have published a DAQ roadmap to highlight upcoming changes in regulation that we are working to incorporate in future versions