Information for assessors

To help bring more trusted apps and digital tools on to the NHS Apps Library, we're looking for approved assessors to carry out assessments on our behalf. If your organisation has the qualifications required for this important role, we would like to hear from you

Benefits of becoming an assessor

  • raise the profile of your organisation by becoming one of NHS Digital's approved assessors
  • develop expert knowledge of the standards digital health solutions must meet and provide expert advice to anyone building a product
  • advise commissioners on the assessment standards that the products they commission should meet
  • help increase the number of trusted products on the Apps Library, empowering patients and members of the public to take better control of their healthcare

Things we are working on:

  • designing an approved assessor badge to show an organisation is authorised to carry out assessments on behalf of NHS Digital
  • a list of approved assessors where developers can choose an organisation to help them through our assessment process

How we assess

Our Digital Assessment Questions make sure only safe and secure apps and digital tools are published on the Apps Library. Find out more about the assessment process here.

Become an assessor

We are currently in the process of onboarding potential assessors as part of an initial pilot of up to six organisations. We anticipate the second and third waves will commence in July and October 2019.

Step 1:Learn about the role of an assessor
  • take a look at our Approved Assessor Handbook which explains the process of becoming an assessor, what the role entails and your responsibilities
  • you will need to sign a legal agreement. A draft version can be viewed here
  • begin assessing apps and digital tools on our behalf. Your work will be closely monitored during an initial preparation phase
  • your organisation will be responsible for ensuring that all assessments are carried out using the latest version of our Digital Assessment Questions. Your work will be regularly audited by NHS Digital
Step 2:Check what qualifications are required

Your organisation will need access to individuals with these minimum qualifications or experience:

Evidence of Outcomes

A thorough understanding of assessing and evaluating claims of clinical effectiveness and benefits.

This could include evidence of case series, case-control studies, ecological studies, individual cohort studies, low quality randomized controlled trials, randomized controlled trials, systematic reviews etc.

Clinical Safety

  • thorough understanding of DCB 0129 and DCB 0160
  • experience of hazard registers and clinical risk management techniques and practices
  • experience as a Safety Engineer
  • experience as a Clinical Safety Officer
  • find more information on clinical risk management training here

Data Protection


  • OWASP does not endorse any particular certification. However, a strong understanding of OWASP principles and Application security as a whole is required

Accessibility & Usability

  • sound understanding of the process of user-centred design, as documented in ISO 9241-210
  • sound understanding of WCAG 2.0 and 2.1
  • working knowledge of using built-in assistive technologies, such as screen readers on iOS, Android, Mac OS and Windows platforms (for manual testing of apps and websites)


Technical Stability

Step 3:Apply to become an assessor

If you feel your organisation has the requirements to become an approved assessor of apps and digital tools, we would like to hear from you.

Once we have reviewed your application we will contact you via email.